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About Stefanie Seskin

You might not believe it if you've ever heard her sing, but Stefanie Seskin got her start in music playing classical flute, following in the footsteps of her older sister. From that early age, Seskin has nurtured a passion for music that took her from 3rd chair flute in her grade school band to become the founder and lead singer of an explosive soul/ pop/ rock band that has been gaining a loyal following everywhere they go.

Seskin gives credit to her family for putting her on the musical road and helping her to stick with it from hobby to career. Seskin's grandfather was a professional musician, touring and recording for Machito's "Afro Cuban Orchestra." Seskin still remembers her granfather's advice on how to improve her playing, when she was in the 3rd grade.

In high school, Seskin relied on music as a solace from the usual adolescent woes. Banned from the Jazz Ensemble by a teacher who said that "Flutes don't play jazz," Seskin joined the High School Rock Ensemble, where she sang lead
and back up vocals. In her spare time, she studied classical guitar, music theory, and composition. Her love of music led her to San Diego, where she enrolled in college to major in music.

The next several years flew by. Seskin spent a time pursuing a career in modeling, even traveling to Italy to look for work. When Seskin returned to the US, she spent time as a musician for hire singing and playing for various bands. Having learned to play the bass guitar, Seskin even got a gig playing with Bill Popp and the Tapes, and appeared on one of their albums.

Seskin even had a brief stint as a rap artist working with a well known NYC studio, a gig which she quickly abandoned. "I felt fake... a white chick from the suburbs rapping." Seskin almost gave up on music altogether, placing financial concerns ahead of artistic goals. "I wasted a few years in a suit in an office." She says. "One day, a song came out of nowhere, and I went home and wrote it. At that point, I decided to pursue my own music."

Seskin knew what she wanted to do and after some effort she managed to produce a demo tape, but she met with little success. "I didn't know what I was doing." She admits. Seskin continued to play with local bands lending her talents as bass player and singer, and working various part time jobs. Soon after that, Seskin returned to college where she eventually obtained a masters degree in media studies.
Around 1995, realizing that she needed a solid band to get her music off the drawing board, Seskin drew upon her contacts in the New Jersey music scene and formed her groundbreaking soul/ jazz/ pop ensemble: Blue Number Nine.

Drummer Jack Gourdine was the first to join the band. Seskin and Gourdine had been friends for years, already developing the kind of rapport that leads to great collaboration. Marco Accattatis, an eminently talented bass guitarist, joined the band in 2000 after answering an advertisement. Accattatis clicked immediately, adding his complex rhythm to the band and in early 2005 brought in guitarist Luca Tozzi.

As a four piece accompanied by various back up singers and horn players, Blue Number Nine was a success. Audiences loved the band's onstage energy and the band went to the studio where they produced several albums. Seskin produced and recorded three albums with Blue Number Nine and developed a loyal fan base attracted to their organic mix of soul, pop, and jazz.

Even as blue number nine was gaining success, Seskin decided to develop a recording business on the side, fostering the talents of young artists and taking on a new role in the music industry. Blue Number 9 changed personnel and character, but the music remained solid while Seskin, and her rhythm section were becoming like family.

In 2004, as blue number nine continued to play and record, Seskin began to develop a list of songs that drew on the funky flavors she created with Blue Number Nine, but tweaked the sound with experimental elements, fusing electronic ambience with instrumentation.

Eventually, and with the help of her blue number nine cohorts and a staff of studio musicians, Stefanie Seskin created the ten tracks that became her solo debut: The Edge of Reason.

For her first solo album, Seskin took the energy that drives blue number nine to the next dimension. Seskin's ever evolving composition style, mixed with new instruments and imaginative elements added to the milieu, gives her solo a unique character which Seskin herself has difficulty describing.

There are flutes, keyboards, otherworldly percussion, even a bassoon keeping pace with Seskin's soulful delivery. Taken as a whole, The Edge of Reason manifests itself as a sonorous whirlwind that surrounds and carries Seskin's hauntingly beautiful voice. There are jazzy compositions, rocking ballads, even vague hints of Broadway sprinkling the imagery.

All in all, The Edge of Reason is the latest manifestation of Seskin's life long goal of self expression. Whether playing with blue number nine or taking the stage as a solo artist, Seskin's imagination, skill, and soul have earned her a place in the hearts of her fans. There is good reason that we will continue to follow her to the edge.



ASCAPlu$ award winner in the Popular Music Category


2009: - Walking Away From Wonderland - David W. Jacobsen
backup vocals,
lead vocal on track 8

2008: - Live Vibes at the Donegal Saloon - buzzuniverse
mix engineer, backup vocals, flute, C Melody Sax

2008: Let's Find A Way - blue number nine
vocals, flute, piccolo, clarinet, mixing, engineering

2007: Hobson's Journey - September's Shadow

2007: St. Patty's Day Massacree - Box 'O Crayons
Mix & Recording Engineer on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 10; back up vocals, flute, tin whistle, egg

birdfishtree - Buzz Universe
back up vocals

2006: BELT EP - BELT
engineer, producer, graphic design

2005: The Edge of Reason - Stefanie Seskin
Vocals, flute, percussion, producer, engineer, graphic design

2005: Living It Up in the New World - blue number nine
Vocals, flute, percussion, engineer, co-producer, graphic design

2004: Dead Come Back - BELT
Clarinet, flute, percussion, engineer, producer, graphic design, photography

2003: on a shoestring, - blue number nine
Vocals, flute, alto sax, engineer, co-producer, graphic design

2000: blue number nine - blue number nine
Vocals, flute, co-producer

1999: Rhythm & Blueprints - The Renovators

1990: Popp This- Bill Popp & The Tapes
Electric bass guitar, flute, back up vocals


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