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"Out of Jersey City emerges a sensational singer called Stefanie Seskin. She has a keen sense of dynamics, able to segue from a whisper to a penetrating high note on ballads to rock and soul numbers. Throughout, her vocals convey honest emotion. On her Web page you'll find several strong songs from her 2005 album "The Edge of Reason," including the irresistible 'I Just Keep On.' These numbers will make you anxious to hear new tunes from her. "
--Paul Freeman / Entertainment Writer, Palo Alto Daily News

"Stefanie Seskin, vocalist of blue number nine, has her own identity in her solo album. It is full of her style and also has indie flavors that captures listeners’ attention. Her style is spontaneous and it almost sounds like she improvises on her compositions. She challenges her style by singing solo with more instruments in her songs without being overwhelming. She knows how to decorate the songs; such as, a track with Latin flavors-‘Stay where you are.’ Highlighted tracks include ‘Your Own Road’ ‘I just Keep on’ and ‘Stay where you are.’ "
--Katie Lu

"The Edge of Reason is Stefanie Seskin’s statement to the world that she has arrived. By all indications, she most certainly has made a footprint in recorded music with this tasty new album.
The songs range from the sparkling pop of “No Such Thing” to the jazz and rhythm and blues infused “Jerking My Chains” then down a completely different road with attitude on the alternative rocker “Nasty.” She is all over the musical map on this CD. For that very reason, I was pleased listening to this recording from start to finish.
Here voice is as gentle and alluring as her physical presence on the cover of this CD and the spicy black and white shot of her in the CD tray. Sorry, you will have to buy the CD to see that picture. There is a reason why the music is so good, the lineup she has is most impressive, not because they are all big names in music but because they are all very qualified and talented musicians, and there are sure enough of them!
Stefanie Seskin obviously planned this recording very carefully before she started and the outcome is excellent. Its music like this that keeps me fascinated with independent musicians."
- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-September 11, 2005
for full text, visit http://www.muzikreviews.com

"Seskin's voice is quite soulful and matches the music wonderfully... This is a really fun CD if you're looking for something out of the ordinary AAA contemporary stuff."
- Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds 2005 Whimsical Productions; full text

"Stefanie Seskin is a singer, songwriter and producer. In addition she plays bass, flute, guitar and keys. Stefanie has already built a name for herself in the band Blue Number Nine as their commanding lead vocalist. The Edge of Reason is Seskin's solo project. Stefanie is supported by a group of talented musicians who bring a wide assortment of textures and tones to her ten-track CD. Stefanie pens poetic lyrics about life that can end on a happy or sad note but her main objective is to impart inspirational messages in her music. Seskin aptly blends different genres into catchy, cohesive songs. The CD has a touch of blues, hip-hop and jazz with a heavy dose of pop, rock and soul. Stefanie is a strong, sultry singer with an expressive, wide vocal range. 'Your Own Road' is the snappy opener. It melds danceable rhythms with heavy bass lines and slick, pop potential with a bit of brass instrumentation thrown in for good measure. It is followed by the cool 'Chill Now' that mixes modern jazz grooves with a bit of hip-hoop flowing over a distinctive bass bottom. 'Jerking My Chains' opens with horns moving into a free flowing rhythm and Stefanie's power packed vocals. Although the song is about love going bad it ends with a positive attitude of moving on. Stefanie Seskin is a multi-talented musician and her solo release is impressive and innovative!"
• Recommended Tracks: (1,2,4) [USA/NJ 2005 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for Kweevak.com)

"...praising the technical side while referring to the pop work, while sitting back and enjoying the jazzy flavor that is delivered at the end.  A winner if I ever saw...uh, heard one!"  - Rikk Angel, writer/producer/NY/Europe



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