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The Edge of Reason
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The Edge of Reason

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Release Date: August, 2005
Selection No.: ss0001-2
LABEL: check other records
UPC Code: 7 83707 14600 3
Format: CD only
Retail Price: $12.99 online

Rock & Pop, emotional and intense, like Kate Bush mixed with Pink, a little blue eyed soul and jazz - this is the debut solo CD from blue number nine's lead vocalist and creator, Stefanie Seskin. Most of these tracks are not usually performed by blue number nine, so Seskin released them as a solo CD. The range of emotions on this CD is extreme - Seskin's compositions range from soft and airy to downright sultry, demonstrating an understanding of a variety of genres without being limited by any style in particular. On "Chill Now," Seskin delivers a jazzy performance that almost sounds like an ode to inner city hip hop flavor, while on "I Just Keep On" Seskin delivers a performance that speaks to the heart of rock, with a passionate chorus that reverberates in your head like a dream.

Central to each song is Seskin's beautiful voice and her obvious talent for writing meaningful lyrics. The subject matter of her songs moves from romance to loneliness, rejection, and joy and delivers a strong message for those who pay attention. Seskin is, above all else, a poet and a songwriter.

For those who have not yet heard, The Edge of Reason is an oasis of soul in a turbulent world, and Seskin serves as the siren for all of us lost in the sea.

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Key Tracks: Your Own Road, Chill Now, I Just Keep On




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